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SELF LOVE // PART 2 (Pack 20 Photos)

Society, mainstream culture and the media keep defining what beauty is and promoting the idea that having a “perfect body” is a guaranteed way to a more healthier and successful life. Everyday women are exposed to a huge amount of images and ideals which are constantly inflicting the need to change their bodies to be happy, to feel worthy and to conquer others’ admiration and approval. Diet culture in particular has conditioned women to think that if they improve their outward appearance then the “real magic happens” and all of their dreams will come true. This fraudulent ideal has brought serious health problems (weight disorders, body acceptance disturbs, self-esteem problems, frustration, depression, etc.) to women throughout history.
Nina is one of these women. She battled with her scale and mirror all her life, but at some point she changed her mindset and ripped this vicious cycle with some self love. This is her “self love recipe”: “My body is beautiful the way it is, beauty it’s not what society defines, and I’ll keep on fighting to accept how I am today and everyday!”