Artistic porn and erotic art. Alternative. Inclusive. Authentic. 

About Tiago Leão

Authenticity. This is the word that best defines Tiago’s work. He always has the same starting point: the singularity of the human being. “Why do you want to be photographed/filmed?” asks Tiago at the beginning of every session in pursuit of what motivates someone to work with him. Everyone has a different answer, a different story to tell… The result is a strong and honest foundation, which Tiago explores and portraits in all his work, in a positive and balanced symbiosis between him and the person. Both are exploring and looking for answers, and in the end, both are telling their story, in deep connection with themselves.

Loyal to this strong foundation, Tiago shapes his work to the uniqueness of someone’s sexuality. Every video and every photo reflects pure human nature and it’s sexual intimacy, beliefs, behaviours, desires, attractions and much more, in a very authentic, inclusive and respectful way.

On a journey to demystify and empower sexuality, and how society sees, accepts and consumes it, Tiago’s work offers an alternative to the mainstream erotic and porn industry, a different viewpoint in adult cinema, celebrating sex as a natural, healthy and fundamental aspect of human nature.