Artistic porn and erotic art. Alternative. Inclusive. Authentic. 

CHECKMATE // VIDEO // 12:56 mins

I did it. I fucking did it!
I wanted this. I wanted a gang, banging me. This was my choice.
This is what I like, what turns me on. What makes me lose myself in my own pleasure.
I like it rough, violent, harder, harder, HARDER! Hit me with all you got! And believe me… It will never be enough…
Why?! Because this is my game and I’m the one who makes the rules! I’m the fucking queen and they’re my chess pawns. That’s why!
I let them think they are in control, but I’m the one who’s in control.
I don’t care who they are, I don’t need to see their faces…
I just want their cocks all over me. I want their hands spanking my body. I want their breathing suffocating me. I want them to play, while I’m in command!
This is my game, my satisfaction.
And that’s why I did it. And I fucking did it!